January 2020 Newsletter

January 17th, 2020

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe we are starting the second half of the school year already. This half of the school year will bring picture day, student conferences, open houses, a parent’s night out, a Mother’s Day fundraiser, our spring clean it/fix it day and our first PONS family activity day.

Recently, we had the pleasure of watching a presentation by a representative from a local Girl Scouts Troop (who happened to be Ms. Wendy’s daughter). To earn their Silver Award, this Girl Scouts Troop would like to gift PONS and the community with a free lending library that will be placed on or around PONS property. This is at no cost to the school. Currently, we are discussing the most appropriate place to put the lending library. Keep an eye out for the new addition.

We will be having two open houses over the next two months. This is for the 2020-21 school year. The Open house playdate allows perspective families to visit the school, meet current families and our teachers. The evening open house provides an opportunity for parents to tour the school after work. Word of mouth keeps our school going so be sure to let everyone know about the dates. Feel free to join us at one of the open houses to show perspective families how great our school is!

A Message from Mrs. Johnson!
“Happy 2020 to all! Our children were happy to see each other after the winter recess. We have been experimenting with freezing and melting, and even painted with colored ice cubes.

We are learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream. We are reading and discussing how each person is special in their own way, and how we are all alike, yet all different. We are reading many books about “Be who you are” and like the person that you are… you are important and special! Being kind, being a friend and being respectful to others is something we stress each day.

We will learn about the Chinese New Year and phases of the moon. Groundhog day will help us learn about animals living underground. We will experiment with light and shadows and make shadow puppets.

Thank you for keeping children home when they are not feeling well. Stay healthy and keep washing those hands!

We welcome two new students, Grace Mascelli and Bobby Jefferson.”

  • Mrs. Johnson

NUT FREE is the Way to Be!
A friendly reminder to all parents:
PONS is a nut free school. Please do not send your child to school with nuts of any kind. This includes peanut butter, tree nuts and coconut. This is for the safety of our students with severe nut allergies

Parent Board Meeting
The board met on January 9th. The addition of a lending library provided by our local Girl Scouts was voted upon and unanimously supported.

Dates for Spring clean it/fix day, Parent’s Night Out and a Spring Family Activity Day were determined (check “Dates to Remember”).

To continue to raise money toward a new shed, we will be doing a Spring fundraiser. The children will create art that will be submitted to an art fundraising company who will then turn your child’s artwork into mugs, shirts, magnets, etc. The children will start creating their art in February with the help of our teachers. This fundraiser will be available in the early spring in time for Mother’s Day.

We would like to show our community support for Marco’s Pizza on Thursday, January 30th. Marco’s generously supplied 12 pizzas for our Fall Festival at no cost to the school. On Thursday, January 30th you can either eat in or order pizza from Marcos. No need to mention anything, just go (or take home) and enjoy.
Next meeting will be held on February 13th 6pm at PONS. All are welcome.

Spring Happenings
Parents Night Out is coming in March! The place is TBD but we will notify everyone via email. This is an evening out (sans children) to get to know each other better.

We are very excited to announce we are planning our first Spring Family Activity day in May. This event will allow the families of PONS to get together for a picnic, games and a good time. Think of this as a PONS field day where even the parents can participate. More details to come but mark your calendar!

Family Fun in CT
Learning can be hard work. Have fun at these family friendly events:
• Winterfest: January 28- February 9th at Stepping Stones Museum.
• Chinese New Year: January 25th and 26th at Stepping Stones Museum.
• Connecticut Kids Fair 2020: February 8th and 9th at the Connecticut Convention Center.

Dates to Remember
• PONS Picture Day: February 6th, during school hours.
• Parent Board Meeting: February 13th at 6pm.
• Evening Open House at PONS: February 13th 6pm- 7:30pm.
• Open House Playdate at PONS: March 13th 1pm-2:30pm.
• Parents Night Out: March 21st at 6pm. Location TBD.
• Spring Clean It/Fix It Day: March 28th 9am-12pm. Rain date March 29th.
• Spring Family Activity Day: May 16th at 11am (rain date May 30th). Location TBD.

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